The Most Important Things for Corporate Investments in Р2Р

Trust in investments in P2P loans is growing. This is evidenced by the market growth, as well as the number of emerging platforms. Vigilant investors hold their breath in anticipation of the development of FinTech industry. And rightly so. Until recently, P2P was considered an alternative form of investment, and today it enjoys great interest as a major investment product and ranks equally with investments in shares, bonds and mutual funds.

In particular, iuvo is doing very well and is already emerging from the startup phase to join mature companies in the market. Since its inception, the platform has proven to be a stable and secure partner. Historically, the platform has shown persistence, systematicity and hard work. To date, we have 8 originators, over € 85M invested and more than 15,000 investors that have trusted their investments to iuvo. We currently enjoy strong partnerships with the loan originators due to our ability to evaluate and choose to work with leaders in different markets. The quality of the selection of originators in iuvo is also a source of pride due to the fact that we have neither originators that have been removed from the platform, nor investors that have lost their money due to bankruptcy. These indicators, as well as the possibility of a stable passive income, are becoming increasingly attractive for investments by legal entities.

Traditionally, business is conservative about innovations, especially when it comes to investments. However, the advantages of the P2P market are attracting more and more corporate investors in iuvo. “Corporate investments in P2P platforms are prevalent in developed markets, and this trend is also felt here. Institutional players at iuvo find optimal levels of risk and return and their exposures increase day by day”, commented Ivaylo Ivanov, the CEO of the company. Since its inception, the platform has been open to investment of corporate funds and has enjoyed increasing interest to date. The main advantage of the platform attracting corporate investments is the stable average annual return of 9.2% and quick liquidity of capital. It is crucial for corporations to be able to withdraw their investments within a few months.

Why companies choose us

The development of the platform is significant for 3 years and we can boast of stable growth. We have opened a market for investment in loans in new latitudes within the territory of Eastern Europe. Today, this market performs particularly well in terms of key indicators that are important when choosing a P2P platform – number of loans, average annual yield of 9.2% and maximum – 15%, loan conditions and low default rate. The portfolio of originators in iuvo is gradually growing and with good planning. This attracts investments by companies of various fields of activity – transport, manufacturing, media, information technology, real estate, etc. Being able to get a high passive return on a company’s free working capital is a good deal in itself.

The best strategy

The variety of loans and personal goals of the investor company determine the strategy of each individual customer. Corporate investments are welcome in iuvo with no minimum investment threshold. The companies on our platform invest different amounts – from several thousand to hundreds of thousands of euros – according to their personal investment strategy. Profit is the main driver of corporate investments. Thus, most companies prefer to trust their money to autoi-invest by checking their portfolio on a daily basis and manually investing new funds received for the purpose of optimal use of the investment. Companies are particularly careful when choosing an originator and rely on trustworthy and stable originators that have a good reputation in the market. Before investing, they carry out due diligence on the financial statements and portfolio of the originator. Long-term loans with an average annual yield and moderate risk are preferred for investment.


Investing in loans is really easy and secure with iuvo – as a private or corporate investor. Test it today!

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