Take advantage of our "Colleagues" program and get up to 200 EUR bonus in your iuvo account!

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    Step one

    Fill the needed information

    Step two

    Register with your personal email address on iuvo –

    Step three

    Get 10 EUR bonus in your account after registration

    Step four

    Get 1% bonus of the amount of your first deposit.

    ou have been investing with iuvo for a long time?

    Fill the form, deposit, and get 1% bonus

    Step five

    Invest actively in the next 6 months and you will get another
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    Step six

    And that is not all!

    IUVO GOLD CLUB is more accessible for you! With an amount over €15,000 added to the balance and invested in P2P loans, you get additional privileges to achieve the maximum of your funds.