Blagovest Karadzhov - CEO

Blagovest Karadzhov takes over the management of iuvo

At iuvo, we always strive to share our vision for our development, future plans for growth and offering new products and opportunities, our work for protecting your interests and maintaining iuvo as one of the most trustworthy P2P lending platforms on the market.

Since April 2022, a new CEO took office and it takes over the management of iuvo. We present you Blagovest Karadzhov, who becomes part of iuvo after over 20 years of experience in management positions in different companies that are focused on innovations and high tech. He has extensive experience in creating and managing complex solutions in the FinTech field, telecommunications, and e-commerce. Blagovest has managed the digital bank and digital services of Vivacom, the biggest telecommunication company in Bulgaria, and before that he has been the director of the service platforms of the biggest cabel TV provider in Bulgaria – Blizoo, as well as the CTO of Net Is Sat, one of the first internet providers. Blagovest has a Master’s degree in Computer science and communications.

“I closely follow the growth of iuvo for years and it is an honor for me, but also a pleasure, to take charge of one excellently managed and established platform for P2P investments, in which over 30 000 investors have given their trust and funds. The priority in the next couple of months is the technological update of the platform in order for the investor to get a unique UX/UI, convenience and easy use, and high reliability. In the next two years, my main goal is for iuvo to be in Top 3 platforms in invested funds in this segment. Thanks to the excellent training and professional team, iuvo will keep growing, so it can be the preferred place for investments. I count on my extensive experience in managing and growing FinTech and digital platforms and I am sure that iuvo will continue to successfully realize its mission, as it offers growing value for the investments of our clients.” – says Blagovest Karadzhov for the development of iuvo.

“The years I have spent in iuvo are one of the most responsible and dynamic in my life so far. I leave a well-oiled machine in the hands of Blagovest, which together with the colleagues, we were able to turn into the P2P platform with one of the strictest rules for onboarding new originators, with two Forbes Business Awards, as one of them is financial company of the year, and with over 30 000 investors, with which iuvo continues to grow.” – shares Ivaylo Ivanov, co-founder of iuvo.

Thanks to the investors that chose us and the hard work of our team and the loan originators, 2021 was our most successful year so far, as we achieved a record-breaking growth for us with 115% in net deposits compared to 2020 and 42% growth in our portfolio compared to the entire period 2016-2020.

Here you can see the results we achieved in the past year (2021 compared to 2020), which was a great progress for us:

  • Growth in net deposits – 115%
  • Growth of portfolio compared to the entire period 2016-2020 – 42%
  • Growth of portfolio compared to 2020 – 110%
  • Growth of registered users – 26%
  • Growth of the total invested amount – 58%
  • Paid interest in 2021 – €1 994 766
  • Received bonuses in 2021 – €132 360

For the six years since the founding of iuvo, we have over 30 000 investors and nearly €270M market turnover, which have accumulated annual average return rate of 9.2% for the investors. For years now, iuvo is among the biggest platforms in market share in continental Europe. Majority owner of the platform is MFG – a holding that incorporates nonbank financial institutions and FinTech companies on 7 markets in Europe and USA. The main focus of MFG is providing possibility for getting additional finances to all.

The goal of iuvo continues to be taking an attractive share of the alternative investments in the investment portfolio of our clients, as well as attracting new investors, which can take advantage of our easy, convenient, and intuitive to use products, personal approach, and attractive terms, and to be in Top 3 of the platforms in this segment. 2022 will be a year for technical innovations and strong presence on new markets.

Your feedback and satisfaction, and protecting your interest, continue to be our top priorities, which is why we are ready to answer all of your additional questions, which may arise. Expect an interview with Blagovest in our blog soon.

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