Currecy exchange of BGN->EUR in iuvo according to BNB fixing

Starting today, the EUR in iuvo is more accessible to everyone that adds funds in BGN!

We are extremely happy to announce that in regards to the expected admission of Bulgaria to the Eurozone, iuvo will use BNB’s fixing for the exchange of BGN to EUR. This means that now, in iuvo, you will be able to exchange BGN for EUR at the official BNB exchange rate of BGN 1.95583 for 1 EUR, even before the announcement of the official date for admission to the Eurozone.
The EUR to BGN exchange rate remains unchanged.

What the exchange rates in iuvo look like after the change:

  • BGN->EUR: 0.511292 (BNB fixing – BGN 1.95583);
  • EUR->BGN: 1.947075.

“Part of our vision for iuvo’s growth is to continue providing more added value to the investments made with the platform. We want to be among the first in Bulgaria that give access to the benefits of the EUR to the Bulgarian citizens. Due to this reason and as part of our vision for providing maximum profit without fees, iuvo removed the additional expense for currency exchange, thus ensuring more added value to the customers.” – shares Blagovest Karadzhov, CEO of iuvo, regarding the motives in making the decision.

Besides the economic and financial benefits of the EUR, in iuvo the currency gives you access to a higher number of loans available for investment, more options for diversification between different loan originators and countries, different business models and more opportunities to generate higher profit.

At iuvo, we actively follow the development of the plans for adopting the EUR as the official currency in Bulgaria. Once the final decision on the date of admission to the Eurozone is made and the preparation timelines are clear, we will inform you how this will affect your money on iuvo.

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