The Georgian BBG is iuvo’s new originator

The Georgian Business Bank Group will join iuvo’s family in July. Featuring BBG, the group of originators in iuvo is growing and the opportunities for investment in the platform are increasing too.

BBG is a credit company with а headquarters based in Japan, operating in the market of auto credits and leasing. BBG offers unique cross border short (auto credit) and long (auto leasing) term loans to customers from Japan, Georgia and Cyprus to purchase high-quality, affordable cars from Japan, USA or local dealers. “We are committed to be recognized for our ability to insert balance in each of our service. This can be achieved by learning our clients’ goal, following investment strategy, creating and promoting self-developing work environment where each employee is motivated and contributes to the company’s growth, and by always addressing the need of the community in which we operate.”, company says.

With the accession of BBG p2p lending opportunities are extending to a new level. Auto credits investments have a repayment period from 3 to 36 months. Usually the company operates with short term and dynamic loans. All of BBG lending come with up to 60 days buy-back guarantee. BBG offers lending in euro as the minimum 30% of each credit will be owned by the originator.

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