AXI Card Spain – now part of iuvo’s family

Expanding our originator and client base, alongside our strive for growing our market positions, are an integral part of the mission and vision of iuvo. As a response to that, we gladly present you a new option for diversification of your portfolio – AXI Card Spain.

The company is part of Management Financial Group (MFG) and the business structure of Access Finance, which is a leader in the credit card segment on the Bulgarian market. Your additional privilege as an investor is that Access Finance provide a guarantee in the form of co-debt with the purpose to increase the safety level for your investments, considering the startup profile of the company.

What more will you get as an investor?

AXI Card Spain will list loans on our market in EUR. Exclusively for the investors on iuvo, they will start with promotional annual interest rates8.5% for 6-month loans and 9% for 12-month loans.

Investing in the originator also gives you other advantages, such as:

  • Group guarantee by MFG and co-debt by Access Finance Bulgaria;
  • Loans in score class A;
  • 30-day buyback on principal and interest;
  • 30% skin in the game.

AXI Card Spain operate on a regulated market and are entirely focused in consumer lending, and their main product is a credit card. They offer their clients flexible, innovative, and accessible services, which can be used all around the world. The relationship with their clients is built on trust, which they earned with transparency, honesty, and loyalty. Proof for that is their golden badge award from eKomi for customer service.

Choose AXI Card Spain. Add them to your automatic settings. Invest now and increase your profit with iuvo.

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