AXI Card Romania becomes part of iuvo

At iuvo, we continue to look for and evaluate different market prospects to expand our network of partners. We gladly announce that we provide you with yet another investment opportunity with the newest member of our family – AXI Card Romania!

The company is part of the business of Access Finance that joined iuvo last year with a product of theirs in Bulgaria – “Biala Karta” (White Card), and successfully asserted their position as one the most preferred loan originators on our platform.

What do you get?

AXI Card Romania offer attractive promotional interest rates for a successful new beginning!
The company will list loans in EUR and RON, and as a start, they provide you an opportunity to generate annual return of 8.5% for 6-month products and 9% for their 12-month products.

By investing in their loans, what more you get is:

  • Loans in score class A;
  • 30-day buyback on principal and interest;
  • Skin in the game – 30%.

Part of MFG

Just like iuvo, AXI Card Romania is part of Management Financial Group (MFG), which means that you get a group guarantee from the holding. This increases the safety levels of your investments in loans of the newest originator on our platform.
AXI Card operates on a regulated market for 6 years and it is the largest nonbank financial institution in the card segment in Romania. A fact in support of the sustainable development of the company is their top spot in the chart of “LiveHelpNow! Challenge” for high quality customer service since 2019. In addition, our new partner has won a golden badge from eKomi in the same category.

Invest with AXI Card Romania and take advantage of their promo terms. Increase your portfolio on iuvo.

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