Adwisers with 1% bonus campaign for new investments

Together with our partners from Adwisers, we start a new bonus program, which gives you the opportunity to generate additional profit in the period 16.05-31.05.2022.

Invest manually and/or automatically minimum €200 in loans of Adwisers on primary market in the promo period and get 1% bonus of your new investments, as the maximum size of your bonus can get up to €100.

Participate with newly added funds to your balance and/or with the funds you already have available on the platform. Take advantage of the opportunity to increase the bonus amount by increasing your investments in Adwisers in the period. When the requirements are met, you will receive your bonus within 7 business days after the end of the campaign. Please keep in mind that the promo period can be changed.

We remind you that Adwisers list business loans and bridge loans for EU-funded projects in score class A and offer 10% annual return.

Thanks to the extensive experience of the management of the company in the field and the excellently measured risk, Adwisers keep very low levels of credit losses because a significant part of their portfolio is secured with real estate. As a response to the portfolio’ security, since they have become an originator on iuvo, they have no loans on the platform that were repaid by activating buyback.

The performance of the company during the covid crisis is very impressive because Adwisers did not realize any fluctuation in their business indicators and they kept their financial results and positions on the platform positive.

Invest in loans of Adwisers. Get a bonus. You have this opportunity with iuvo.

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