Adwisers with campaign for bridge loans

We gladly present you the new loan campaign of our partners Adwisers.

From the mid of April, Adwisers starts a campaign for bridge lending of projects in cooperation with AFIR (Agency for Financing Rural Investments). With the bridge loans granted by the company, the borrowers will be able to start a project and after its implementation AFIR will recover part or the entire amount, which also repays the bridge loan.

What is a bridge loan?
The bridge lending is a type of advance funding of a certain project under European or national programs. It is repaid upon receipt of the unconditional funding (grant) approved in connection with the implementation of the project. This is the reason these loans have significantly lower level of risk.

Traditionally our partner Adwisers works with borrowers that implement projects under national and European programs in the form of bridge loans.

Why should I invest in these loans?

–  Lower level of risk

–  Projects under national and European programs

–  Good return rate

–  Limits up to 50 000 EUR

–  Average maturity of 12 months

In order for the offer to be even better, Adwisers keeps the 30-day buyback for all loans in this campaign granted by 30.06.2021.

When will they be available on the market?

The first loans of these will be granted by the mid of April 2021. Part of them will be listed on iuvo and you will be able to invest.

We, at iuvo, will keep you posted about their listing.

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