Access Finance with 1% higher interest until 30.04.2022

Access Finance extend the period of the promotional terms for loans with 1% higher interest with another month – until 30.04.2022. Together with our partners, we listened to your positive feedback and requests for campaign extension because your opinion is important for us and it helps us grow.

Invest in Access Finance loans with higher annual return. Instead of 7.5%, the 6-month loans listed on our market in the promo period are with 8.5% interest. Instead of 8%, the 12-month loans are with 9% interest. We would like to remind you that the company lists loans in EUR and BGN.

Access Finance are among the most preferred loan originators on iuvo. The credit company provides an opportunity for investing in loans with borrowers from A class only and a 30-day buyback that covers principal and interest. They are part of the holding Management Financial Group (MFG), which means that you get a group guarantee and higher levels of safety for your funds.

Take advantage of the promo terms of Access Finance and increase your profit with iuvo.

With Access Finance and iuvo, you get more!

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