Access Finance with 38 368 newly approved loans and gross profit of 4,242 million euro as of Q3`21

How has Access Finance developed its business for the last 9 months?

Monitoring and constant communication with our originators are part of iuvo’s priorities.

Today we present to you the excellent results that have been achieved by Access Finance as of Q3`21. The company, together with iuvo, is part of the holding Management Financial Group (MFG), and the first product launched by the company on the platform is White Card (“Biala Karta”).

Now they share with you their financial results for the period January-September 2021. The presentation provides data on their overall performance, namely:

– Realized sales for the period;

– Revenue sustainability;

– Monthly trends of pre-tax profit;

For full information, see the presentation HERE.

We remind you that Access Finance has introduced exclusive investment opportunities at iuvo – 100% buyback on the interest. Find more information in our blog and plan your future investments with White Card.

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