30-day buyback guarantee in iuvo!

Our 30-day buyback guarantee campaign in 2018 was a very successful one, and the interest in it continued even after it was finished. The most logical step for us now is to renew it!

From 9th May until 9th August 2019 the activation period for the buyback guarantee for class A and B loans and for the originators Easy Credit, Viva Credit and iCredit will again be reduced from 60 to 30 days. The currencies for which the guarantee will be available are Bulgarian lev, euro and Romanian lei.

You can find the 30-day guarantee loans on the Primary market by going to the “Buyback Guarantee days” filter and choose “30”. They are also available through auto investing.

All other credits on the platform also reserve the right to a buyback guarantee, but with the generally valid time limit of 60 days. We remind you that all iuvo credits have a 100% buyback guarantee provided by the originator.

Primary market class A and B loans have a stable return of 5% to 7%. The advantage of investing in them is that they have a low delay rate and the period in which they could be blocked by a possibly bad credit is twice as short. In the long run, this will increase your return as it will speed up your turnover and allow you to reinvest in new loans.

Diversification offers you the opportunity to challenge your traditional investment strategy – you can effectively maintain a portfolio if you combine investments in class A and B loans with such in higher-risk loans. This, backed by the buyback guarantee that protects you – creates perfect conditions for more daring investment strategies and hence for better returns.

Sign into your account now to take a closer look at the benefits of the campaign and diversify your portfolio in real time.

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