30-day Buy-back Guarantee promo offer- Continues!

30-days Buy-back guarantee promotion is extended by 31.10.2018.
We aim to offer you more and that’s why we decided to extend the 30-days Buy-back guarantee up until 31.10.2018! Promotion is available for all A and B credit classes of our originators Easy Credit, Viva Credit and iCredit.

All of us in iuvo’s team are always striving to make our investment service even better. We have the pleasure to announce you that a new promo offer campaign started on 05/21/2018. It will lower the activation period of the Buy-back guarantee for A and B credit classes from 60 to 30 days.

The promo applies to loans in BGN, EUR, and RON for the originators EasyCredit, Viva Credit, and iCredit Romania.

Please, bear in mind that all credits on the platform have a 100% Buy-back guarantee.

Why is this important?

The A and B class credits on iuvo’s market have a steady profit of 5-7% on an annual basis. Investing in them with a 30-day Buy-back guarantee will help you to double down the period in which your funds could eventually be locked in a bad loan.

This will help you increase your profit in the long term because it will accelerate the turnover of your funds and you will be able to reinvest them in new credits. The 30-day Buy-back guarantee also helps you to get out of an investment faster, which will increase your liquidity.

How to choose 30-day buy-back guarantee credits?

You can filter out the credits from the “Days Buyback guarantee” filter by choosing the option “30”. The filter is already available on the Primary Market and is going to be available as an option for the Auto-Investing soon. For now, if you use an Auto-Investing portfolio that contains A and B credit classes, it will randomly select between credits with 30 and 60 days buy-back guarantee.

Just login to your account and check the availability of the loans on the Primary market right away.

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