30-day buyback and 11% interest rate with Fast Finance

We, at iuvo, strive to offer you the best terms for your money. Therefore, by joining forces with Fast Finance, we are able to offer you an opportunity to maximise the potential of your savings and enjoy even higher returns.

We would like to tell you the good news that Fast Finance now offers a 30-day buyback for the period 12 August – 31 October 2021.

What will you get from your investments in our Romanian partners?

30-day buyback for all new loans and all loans from Fast Finance already available for investments on iuvo, as well as better liquidity of your funds and flexibility in case of delay by the borrower.

–  Interest rate between 10% and 11%

Fast Finance is constantly looking for ways to improve their services and to provide many opportunities for more successful investments. As a result of their determination, innovation and flexibility, the company manages to offer effective and individual solutions for the specific needs of their customers. Diversify your investment portfolio with the loans of our Romanian originator and increase your profit with iuvo.

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