More than 3M EUR invested through iuvo in one year

Last month the p2p lending platform iuvo had its first anniversary. We I launched in 2016, and for that short period, we were able to secure more than 3 000 000 EUR in investments and 1800 investors. One of the main achievements of the past year was that the company was able to offer to all its investors up to 15% annual returns, which makes the platform one of the top choices in the p2p lending industry.

At the present moment, we are working with two of the top originators in Bulgaria (Easy Credit and Viva Credit). We expect new originators to list their loans on the platform by the end of 2017. Iuvo is partnering with some of the most innovative and successful companies in Europe. That is a great recognition of the potential of the p2p lending industry.

“We are witnessing an impressive growth in the past year, in which we were able to educate the market and the customers that p2p lending is a secure and profitable, alternative financial instrument. I believe that we can present what is the future of the financial sector and how the new business model of p2p lending can work and bring benefit to all”, comments Ivaylo Ivanov, CEO of the company.

In the past year, Ivanov took part of many financial events and forums. He also gave interviews for a couple of economic televisions in Bulgaria. In June iuvo became part of Finance Estonia, where many fin-tech companies, banks, and other p2p platforms are also participating.

“Our future goal is to become one of the most innovative and thriving p2p lending platforms in Europe and to gain the trust of more and more investors and originators. In September I will be participating in one of the most relevant industry forums in Athens, where many important issues will be discussed”, comments Ivanov.

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