2021 comes with bonuses for all!

Happy New Year 2021! We wish you and all investors on iuvo to be happy and successful, and always motivated to achieve your goals. The challenging 2020 has passed and we are looking forward to the future with new strength and optimism. 2021 is a new beginning and we want it to be better. This is why we, at iuvo, have taken care to ensure its successful start for all of our investors.

Add new funds over €500 and invest them during the campaign period and you will get a €15 bonus.

The net amount of your newly added and withdrawn funds for the period will be taken into account. The campaign is valid from 04.01.2021 to 31.01.2021. Your bonus will be in your iuvo account on 10.02.2021.

At iuvo, we love giving you more opportunities. Invest now and you get another one to generate higher profit.

We had a successful year with new partnerships, higher profit, and more happy investors that are taking advantage of all opportunities we provide them with. What did we accomplish in 2020? You can get more familiar with our results for the past year HERE.

Make more profit with iuvo today!

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