Viva Credit with €15M newly issued loans in 2022

Viva Credit is a loan originator on iuvo almost since our very beginning, and it is among the most preferred nonbank lending companies in Bulgaria. The originator provides information about its results in 2022.

Some of the main accents in the past year, which you will learn more about in the presentation, are:

  • €15 million newly issued loans;
  • Due to the growth of its business, the company realizes an upward trend in operating costs but keeps them on optimized levels;
  • Over €14 million in interest income in 2022 according to preliminary financial statements, and plans for 2023.

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Viva Credit is launched in 2012 and it is part of Management Financial Group (MFG), just like iuvo is. To the iuvo’s investors, the originator offers loans in all score classes – A, B, C, D, E and HR. The interest rates at the moment are between 5% and 11.5% on annual basis.

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