2022: Better terms and 5 new partnerships

Another successful year has passed for iuvo, despite the challenges globally. The key skill for success in 2022 inarguably was adaptability. Despite the circumstances, iuvo kept on growing, and we improved and expanded the investment opportunities on our market.


In 2022, iuvoUP became iuvoSAVE with more attractive terms.
IuvoSAVE offers three opportunities for investing in EUR and BGN with fixed return and maturity:

  • 5% on annual basis and 3 months;
  • 6% on annual basis and 6 months;
  • 7% on annual basis and 12 months.

The products of iuvoSAVE help you save and earn time and money with ease, predictability, flexibility, and quick liquidity.
It is easy to use and it is not necessary to have previous experience in order to invest. You can even start with just 100 EUR/BGN.
The process takes just a few clicks – select a product, add funds, confirm. You see the exact amount you will receive and exactly when it will be available in your account. You receive the entire invested amount with the realized interest at once at the end of the period.
You can add more funds to a product that has already started whenever you want. You can also withdraw early up to 10 000 units in a calendar month for a fee of 1% of the amount of the withdrawal.
There is the option “Product renewal”, which allows for another period to start automatically after the previous one has ended, and you can choose to invest just the principal again or both the principal and the realized profit.

Try now because it is easy with iuvoSAVE!

5 new partnership on iuvoP2P

In order for us to be able to provide you opportunities to generate profit out of your money, we need to have loyal partners. With the increasing number of investors and the invested amount, the need for more partners also increases. In 2022, we expanded our network of partners with 5 more! This is the biggest number of new loan originators that became part of iuvo in the same calendar year.

AXI Card

Two companies of the business of Access Finance, and respectively Management Financial Group (MFG), became part of the iuvo family – AXI Card Romania (EUR and RON) and AXI Card Spain (EUR).
The companies offer their clients access to the approved credit limit from all around the world, and at the moment, they offer the iuvo investors 6-month loans with 7% annual interest and 12-month loans with 7.5% interest, score class A; 30-day buyback on principal and interest.
AXI Card Romania is the largest non-bank financial institution in the credit card business sector in the country, and AXI Card Spain is among the new and promising companies in the portfolio of MFG. Due to the status of AXI Card Spain as a young company, you get additional guarantee in the form of co-debt by Access Finance. And of course, the group guarantee of MFG, applies for both AXI Card companies.

SN Finance

This is our first originator from North Macedonia. SN Finance mainly operates in the segments of non-bank consumer and business lending. The company is among the local FinTech leaders and it is a true innovator on the market of financial services in the country! They successfully launched their newest project – a credit card in a partnership with a local bank and VISA, which have put their trust in SN Finance. This is a unique product because it is the first credit card in the non-bank sector in the country!
To the iuvo investors, the company offers consumer loans in EUR and in score class A, with interest rates between 8.5% and 9.5% on annual basis; 60-day buyback on principal, and a personal guarantee in the form of co-debt by the UBO of the credit company.

Ocean Credit

The focus of Ocean Credit is entirely in 100% digital loans on the Romanian market through quickness, accessibility, and functionality.
To the iuvo investors, they offer personal loans in EUR in score class A, with interest rates between 8% and 10%; 6-month maturity; 60 days for activating buyback on the principal. Specially for the iuvo investors, Ocean Credit provide two additional guarantees in the form of co-debt by the UBO of the company, as well as the group it is part of – OC Global Limited.

M Cash

The company is part of Management Financial Group (MFG) and it is an innovator in North Macedonia by changing the structure of the financial services locally. M Cash is the first online financial company in the country, and it has physical offices as well. It is the founder of the Association of Financial Companies in North Macedonia (AFD).
To the iuvo investors at the moment, they offer loans in EUR in score classes A, B, C, D. The interest rates are between 4.6% and 6.6%; 60-day buyback on the principal; group guarantee by MFG.

2022 in numbers

Paid interest: €2 119 409.23

Paid bonuses: €115 037.62

Total invested amount 2016-2022: over €333М

Total amount of funded loans 2016-2022: over €643М

Total number of loans on primary market in 2022: 415 190

Total amount of the loans on primary market in 2022: €122 288 975.45

Amount of funded loans in 2022: €92 129 866.19

Total number of investors 2016-2022: 34 000


Thank you for being part of iuvo! We wish everyone a peaceful, healthy, and successful 2023!

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