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    Enter the iuvoSAVE Raffle for 5 prizes of €1000

    Participate in the iuvoSAVE Raffle in the period 30.05.2024-30.06.2024. Learn more

    Participate in the raffle for a chance to win 5x1000 EUR prizes by meeting the following requirements:

    • Invest at least 500 EUR (or the equivalent amount in BGN) with any of the iuvoSAVE products by your choice in the period of the campaign;
    • The invested amount can be from newly added funds to your iuvo account or funds that are already available;
    • For every 500 EUR of the invested amount, you get an additional participation in the raffle and the chance to win more than one prize;
    • The new investments with iuvoSAVE can be made by activating a new product or by adding more funds to a product that is already active;
    • Declare your participation in the raffle on this webpage;
    • In order for your participation in the raffle to be successful, you must not request an early withdrawal from any of the iuvoSAVE products in the period of the campaign.

    The drawing of the winner will be streamed live on iuvo’s YouTube channel on 09.07.2024 at 17:00h EET.

    The winners will receive their prize through a product of iuvoSAVE with 7% annual interest.