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You invest by buying parts of already granted loans from credit companies with which we partner. You receive payments with every installment.

Auto Invest
Auto Invest

Auto Invest

Use the Auto Invest option and your funds will always be invested according to your individual preferences.

 Premium Support
 Premium Support

Premium Support

Ask your questions via live chat, by phone or e-mail. Our team will give you the information you need to achieve your goals.

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You invest with just a few clicks and start earning.


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You can get up to 13% annual return, which depends on your decisions.

Risk Control

Buyback guarantee
Buyback guarantee

All loans on our market have a buyback guarantee by the loan originators. When a borrower delays the full repayment of an installment by a predetermined number of days, the credit company that granted the loan will refund the remaining invested amount.

Group Guarantee
Group Guarantee

It is provided by Management Financial Group (MFG) and is valid for all loan originators that are part of the Group. Together with the buyback guarantee, it works as a double protection for your funds.

Free P2P Investment Guide

This e-book is for everyone who wants to learn more about P2P investing, including beginners and experienced investors.